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Hannah’s House is a faith-based agency offering a continuum of stable housing, home life, staff support, and programming. Hannah’s House mission is to empower disadvantaged pregnant women to being a process of life transformation. All are aligned for the development and growth of the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of participants.  

Believing in the sanctity of life, we will serve by providing guidance and direction for women and their unborn, eventually newborn, children. Hannah’s House offers a safe and secure multi-faceted program while challenging participants to reach their highest potential.

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The ability to help others is akin with being human. Hannah’s House benefits greatly from every dollar gifted. Each household and program is fueled by our community’s generosity and willingness to pitch in.

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"We can make a difference."

Hello, my name is Jacqui. I am 26  years old. I am a resident at Hannah's House. I have been here for 2 months now.

"We can make a difference."

I have always wanted to be a mother, but never expected to be a single mother struggling to figure out the best for myself and my child. I gave birth to the most perfect little girl named Piper Milagro. Milagro is spanish for miracle.

"We can make a difference."

This little girl is nothing short of a miracle. I had a few complications during pregnancy, and this little one showed me how strong she really is. After having one miscarriage, I was certain I was going to loose this pregnancy too. However, I now have my little miracle in my arms. She was born 2/5/21, weighing just 6 pounds 4 ounces.

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At Hannah’s House, the residents take a step toward a better future by committing to open their minds and their hearts to growth. Pregnant women come to us from a disadvantaged background seeking care and guidance, working toward a new and better life. There are many differing ways they can be uninformed, unexposed and unguided.

We strive to change that. In guiding the ladies to understand their choice in life through knowledge, tools, skills, and faith they learn their opportunity for a more balanced and peaceful way of living. Both for their lives, and as a legacy for their children.

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Hannah’s House is divided into 3 individual, but successional programs. The first two are lovingly named for the homes in which the ladies and programs reside. The first is Leep, followed by Killilea, and finally a transitional phase called S.E.L.F., which stands for Self-Elevated Lifelong Freedom.