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At Hannah's House of Michiana, we are happy to have such a great TEAM of staff who all play a vital role in the lives of our residents. Every staff has a unique niche and role that helps facilitate daily life in our Leep Home as well as at our Business Office. Together these roles mesh to bring everything from dinner and programming at Leep to fundraisers and events over at our Business Office. We wanted to introduce some of our roles and discuss how they help keep our program running to impact the lives of our residents and help them transform their lives.

Residential Care Staff TEAM 

Our residential care staff TEAM is composed of first, second, and third-shift individuals. Some people cover multiple shifts but the role between these shifts remains the same at its root. First and foremost, we are here to support women in their daily lives and hold them accountable for their goals. We are a presence in the Leep Home to walk alongside these women in their journey. Each staff member also has other tasks outside of the basic role that they are responsible for. First shift, for example, oversees the Flow of Goods as the Lead Residential Team member as well as social media content and this blog. The second shift takes place during dinner time and programming. It is their role to help facilitate dinner, clean up, chores, and the programming planned for the evening. The third shift is responsible for nightly cleaning and three-bed checks on each resident throughout the night to ensure Safe Sleep practices. Together these shifts come to keep Leep up and running every day in tandem with staff at our Business Office.

Life Skills Coordinator

Our life skills coordinator works with our ladies to set goals and conduct educational courses and meetings with them. These courses range from money management courses to birth classes, parenting classes, and career prep such as a mock interview. Each woman meets with the LSC once a week to set their goals for the week. These can be simple things like remembering to go to their WIC appoint or shower daily. The purpose is to teach goal setting and accountability and help them feel great about achieving these things each week. She also helps oversee and facilitate daily life in the Leep and Killilhea Homes. After they move into the next stage of our program, our LSC continues to walk alongside our women in each stage of our program.

Agency Support Manager

Our Agency Support Manager has a vital role in both the Leep Home and our Business Office. First, she works with all of our volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering she is your go-to person and you can reach out to her here! She also helps with our events and fundraisers such as our Holiday Happenings and Golf Outing events. Finally, she helps facilitate the Flow of Goods between the Business Office and Leep Home working alongside the Lead Residential Staff and the Business Office Coordinator. She also works in both of our program homes to keep up on maintenance and home improvement and has made many of our project goals come to life this year!

Business Office Coordinator

Our Business Office Coordinator takes care of many of our back-end things such as finances and business tracking. One of her main components is handling donations and donation inquiries. We currently take all donations are our business office due to a smaller capacity in our Leep home. You can learn more about our current needs and wish list here if you are interested in donating to our program.

Transformation Guide

Our transformation guide, Annie, is in charge of our Mentor Program and a huge spiritual development piece at Hannah's House. She works with each of our residents to help them learn who they are and how they can use that in their lives going forward. She also leads Thursday evening programming with a spiritual piece that builds on itself each week. Finally, she works with our mentors to bring another layer of connection into our Leep Home. This is designed so that our residents can choose to connect with a mentor outside of Hannah's House if they wish and carry that throughout their entire time in our program and beyond.

Want to learn more about Hannah's House and the work each of us does here? Reach out to us! We would love to connect.