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Get to know our Transformation Guide, Annie Becker in today's post. Annie has been affiliated with Hannah's House for around two years but her role as Transformation Guide is fresh. Today she shares a little about what brought her to Hannah's House and her role with our Team. Joy in the Journey!

When and how were you first introduced to Hannah's House?

I first discovered Hannah's House in college where I did a group project for one of my psychology courses. This was back in 2009. We had to chose a local organization and come up with our approach to helping that demographic of people. That was how I first heard about Hannah's House but it actually we unrelated to how I became a member of the board in the Spring of 2021. I was introduced to the board by a good friend of mine, who was the lead pastor's wife at Granger Community Church at the time. Then it was in the beginning of this past year (2023) that I started my role as Transformation Guide on staff at Hannah's House.

Can you talk about your role as Transformation Guide? What does it entail?

I had been volunteering for a couple of years at Hannah's House about once a month doing art with the women here. Over time, it became more and I expressed interest in bringing a more spiritual piece into it since that is something I am very passionate about. I began brainstorming ideas but I realize it would require more time and energy then one time a week. So, I wrote up a job proposal saying here is what I think Hannah's House would benefit from, here is what it would require, and here is the person for the job...which was me. Susan ( Executive Director), loved the idea and it sort of unfolded from there and the rest is history.

How do you think of the activities etc. for programming with the women?

One of my friends taught about the fruits of the spirit. Fruits of the spirits are things you have to work on like patience., for example. They are things that don't come easily to you and you have to keep trying at them. Anyway, that is an example of an activity I recently did with the women where I had them name their favorite fruit and we talked about that concept. I brought in my juicer and we made homemade juice from the fruit during our discussion. I think may of my ideas come about like that because I think creatively.

What are you most passionate about?

I am most passionate about helping people understand there identity and their unique addition/contribution to life. We got through life trying to fit into a mold of what we think we are supposed to be ; and we kind of all look the same and are unfulfilled. I am passionate about helping people to not just identify themselves form there past or the things they don't like about themselves and instead use it for transformation and growth.

What are some of your favorite things?

Well my favorite thing to do is look at the sky! I like having space to think, spending time one on one with my kids, and conversations in the car. I like to look at how big things, and how God created such a big thing but he is also so personal to us in our lives if we want that. I love this dichotomy between vast/ tiny or big/close.

What else would you like to share with our readers?

The thing that I have learned the most in the past few years of being here, what I expect things to look like ( in my mind) and what they look like in reality don't always align. I've learned that it is a gift to be able to pivot bigger picture sometimes we envision our life to look one way and it doesn't but it might be better than what we had planned originally. I think that is also a good reminder for the women here and for staff working with them.