(Self-Elevated Lifelong Freedom)

SELF is the final gradation in designed phases of program involvement for Hannah’s House moms and children. Once the phases of Leep and Killilea are accomplished, the moms reach the point at which to continue to grow and progress, they must take the next step toward complete independence. This includes leaving the HH designated homes for individual housing as well as transitioning away from the direct daily assistance of staff. If they choose to enter into SELF, remaining a part of Hannah’s House, they gain the benefit of housing resources accompanied with rental budget management and guidance, access to the HH Alumni Store for discounted necessities, and individual budgeting and decision-making support by staying connected to the HH Life Skills Coordinator. Though some women choose to move on from HH involvement at this point, by continuing into SELF, they gain continued assistance and encouragement. SELF was designed to emphasize the individual ability to elevate into self-reliance. Living well is a process, an education of life, a lifelong choice.