At Hannah’s House, the residents take a step toward a better future by committing to open their minds and their hearts to growth. Pregnant women come to us from a disadvantaged background seeking care and guidance, working toward a new and better life. There are many differing ways they can be uninformed, unexposed and unguided. We strive to change that. In guiding the ladies to understand their choice in life through knowledge, tools, skills, and faith they learn their opportunity for a more balanced and peaceful way of living.

Hannah’s House is divided into 3 individual, but successional programs. The first two are lovingly named for the homes in which the ladies and programs reside. The first is Leep, followed by Killilea, and finally a transitional phase called S.E.L.F., which stands for Self-Elevated Lifelong Freedom.  


The Leep Home is the most recognized, and is the initial, program of Hannah’s House. When becoming a part of the Hannah’s House family, Leep is where women first join and make themselves at home. In fact, there is no other way to enter Hannah’s House. Prospective residents enter an intake process prior to moving into The Leep Home to ensure the Hannah’s House mission is one that will serve them in their educational, spiritual and life skills journey. We ask that the ladies come in with open hearts and minds positioned for growth. The LEEP Home is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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The second program, considered the transitional phase, is within our KILLILEA Home. Conveniently located across the street from LEEP, this residence offers independence in the program, in home-life and also in the community. Moving to this phase is a privilege earned by not only completing the classes and giving good care to their new babies, but also in acquiring a job or furthering their education, and childcare. Hannah’s House is truly motivated to teach women to enrich their lives with knowledge and confidence.

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SELF is the final gradation in designed phases of program involvement for Hannah’s House moms and children. Once the phases of Leep and Killilea are accomplished, the moms reach the point at which to continue to grow and progress, they must take the next step toward complete independence.

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