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Welcome to the Hannah's House Blog!

Our team at Hannah's House is eager to share more information about us on our new blog launching today! We look forward to sharing content regarding our agency, staff, donors, volunteers, community partners, and our program. Additionally, we will share some fun posts on life in the Leep Home at Hannah's House, fun events and outings, and ways we help our moms bond with their babies. Our aim is to showcase the entire Hannah's House community at every stage in our program.

Hannah's House helps disadvantaged pregnant women begin the process of life transformation. Our residents enter our program at the Leep Home, the first step to committing themselves towards a better future for their growing family. We focus on helping our residents grow in all aspects of their life by aligning mind, body and spirit together through healthy practices. We work with women who come from disadvantaged backgrounds to help guide them on their own personal journey towards a better life for their families. Through a structured program with multiple phases, we are able to best aid our residents in obtaining their quality life by providing them with the knowledge, tools, skills, and drive to pursue their goals.

Hannah's House is composed of three programs which are designed to be completed in a succession. After stage one at the Leep Home, residents have a chance to further their journey at our Killilea house. Finally, women can continue our programming with the S.E.L.F phase of life in the Hannah's House community. S.E.L.F. stands for Self-Elevated Lifelong Freedom. S.E.L.F. is the final stage designed to help our residents acclimate into life outside of the Hannah's House program. However, all residents who complete these stages in our community can become registered alumni. Our Alumni program offers additional opportunities for the women to connect with others in the community including current residents, volunteers, and other alums.

We are happy to work closely with so many women who have graduated from all phases of programming at Hannah's House, helping them to purpose their personal path to lifelong freedom. Many of our past residents have returned to volunteer themselves by bringing their stewardship to current residents.

Our hope for this blog is to help you learn more about us comprehensively. At Hannah's House, we are committed to offering women in need so much more than just shelter. Our mission has faith-based roots in grace, compassion, and empowerment designed to give women the encouragement to pursue their best lives in a shared community. We hope you stayed tuned for all our upcoming blog content to learn more about what we have to offer the Michiana community and to get connected with us. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, donor, or working with our team at Hannah's House, please reach out on our website for more information.


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