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At Hannah's House, we love working with our team of wonderful and dedicated volunteers. Our volunteers help us run the Leep Home with extra helping hands on daily households tasks, deep cleaning, organizing, pricing things for our resident store, larger projects, and of course, cuddling babies. Learn more about one of our volunteers, Cathy who is one of our weekly regular volunteers, in today's short interview post.

1. How did you hear about Hannah's House? What made you want to volunteer at Hannah's House?

I heard about Hannah's House a long time ago when my husband and I moved back to the area and joined River Valley Church is Mishawaka. Our church plant had a mentoring program at the time which we were a part of working with a mom at Hannah's House. This was connected to the Bridge of Hope program. So, that was how I first learned about Hannah's House.

More recently (April 2023), I got involved volunteer. I have just always had a heart for young moms. I was a young mom myself. I've always thought about moms who may not have anywhere to go and wanted to help moms and their babies.

2.What are some of the tasks you work on when you come to Hannah's House? What do you enjoy the most?

I like to help with upkeep in the resident store. I like to help organized things. I love being able to interact with the moms and the babies. Holding the babies and cuddling them I enjoy the most, I think. But, I like to just offer my help with whatever is needed.

3. Can you tell us a little about you? What do you enjoy doing? What are you most passionate about in life ?

I do enjoy reading and gardening in my free time.

My husband and I lead a home group at our church. We are passionate about engaging with people we are involved with overseas missions. For years, we have worked with a couple of children's homes in India. We have sponsored a child there since she was five. Before we were ever able to go on mission trips ourselves, we would make things to send along with the mission groups. There is always something you can do to help out.

At first, my husband went on a mission to Honduras. I saw the impacts that had on my husband and then I thought that is something I need to do myself. I am really passionate about how God is at work in other places in the world. I believe, we can get so insulated here and think we know the only way; but its about helping people in other countries without going in and changing them.

4. Where is your dream place to visit someday?

I would love to visit Greece someday!

5. Do you have any moments or special memories that stick out to your from your time here at Hannah's House ?

I think my best memories are with the babies. I just love being able to snuggle babies and help the moms at Hannah's House out when needed.