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At Hannah’s House, we help disadvantaged women begin the process of life transformation. Life transformation is part of a step-by-step process that takes time, commitment, and hard work. With support, encouragement, and empowerment from our staff; the women who enter our program can begin their journey towards a brighter future for their growing families.

Since transformation takes time, our program at Hannah's House is designed to be completed in multiple phases. Each phase of our program brings our residents closer to independent living. We hope the skills, resources, and personal growth they have achieved during their progress in our program will help them acheive this goal.


Stage one of our program begins in our Leep Home. When women join our program, they begin their journey here after going through a prospective resident intake process to ensure our mission fits their needs. The Leep Home is staffed 24/7 365 days a year. This helps the ladies receive the guidance, support, and safety they require to focus on their goals. During the Leep phase of the program, our women attend classes on life-skills, caring for their babies, and household care. These classes are designed to help prepare them for independent living and cover topics from newborn care to budgeting, dealing with anxiety, time management and beyond. We also provide guided devotionals every morning to help our women explore their own spiritual journey. We love bringing in speakers to help our mother's connect with outside resources in the community. Currently, our home is designed to accommodate up to six women. Under the Leep Home Residential Care TEAM's support, we are able to empower women with the skills needed to change the trajectory of their lives.


After completing the Leep Phase of our Program, our residents enter a transitional phase in our Killilea Home if they choose to proceed with their journey of life transformation. Killilea is just across the street but is not staffed 24/7. It is designed to offer our women more independence in the community. Women earn the privilege of entering this second stage of our program after completing targeted goals, classes, and showing continued care of their babies. They are also required to hold a job for 30 days, establish reliable childcare, and to be on a path of continued education if applicable. Each women's unique life transformation will take them on a slightly different path. The Killilea home is designed to empower our women and instill confidence in them to begin a predominantly independent journey with limited guidance and assistance. However, the women are still an integral part of the Hannah's House family and join in on regular scheduled Leep Home activities and outings. These community connections encourage our women to craft healthy relationships and support each other as mothers.

S.E.L.F (Self-Elevated Lifelong Freedom)

S.E.L.F is the final gradation in our program where our mothers take the leap to complete independence outside of the designated Hannah's House homes. Our residents transition to their own housing without direct assistance from staff. During the S.E.L.F stage, our women have the benefit of many aspects of the Hannah's House community. We still aid them with housing resources and budgeting rent. We also give them access to the HH Alumni Store for discounted necessities and alumni events in our community. Finally, the women work with our Life Skills Coordinator for important decision-making skills as part of their shift to lifelong freedom and independence. S.E.L.F was designed to emphasize the individual ability to elevate into self-reliance. Living well is a process, an education of life, a lifelong choice.