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Each weeknight at Hannah's House, we offer focused programming for our residents which goes towards their overall attendance credits. We plan all of our programming with great attention to detail. Our aim is for programming requirements to add value to our resident's lives and teach them necessary skills for independent living. Mondays are known as Time Management Mondays!

Time Management Mondays teach our resident's about managing their time well and setting their week up for success. On Time Management Mondays we ask our residents to consider their plans for the week and write out their weekly agenda. This is helpful for them to review everything on their plate for the week. It is also a great aid for staff with a full house to be able to track the busy movements in the Leep Home.

Just as you might choose a day in your own home to write out your meal plan and make a grocery list, we also ask this of our residents on Time Management Monday. In the Leep Home, each resident gets a day to cook and prepare a meal of their choosing. With plenty of food to chose from between a partnership with The Food Bank of Northern Indiana, WIC, and additionally grocery supplementation; our women are able to make healthy, balance meals to nourish themselves. Making a list of ingredients needed and labeling and putting items in designated areas for their meals ensures everyone has the necessary elements to prepare their meal for the next week.

Finally, the women get a chance to prepare an inventory of their personal needs from our Resident Store. The Resident Store is part of Tuesday's programming night, so having a list prepared Monday makes Tuesday run smoothly.

The Resident's might also accomplish anything else which would best prepare them for their week during this programming window. Examples might include packing/restocking your diaper bag, meal prepping lunches for the week, cleaning out your car, making a personal to-do list of tasks or goals for the week, and organizing your room.

Of course, the options are limitless when it comes to tasks that might enable your week to run more smoothly. It is our hope that by offering our women a designated time to help organize their week, they will integrate these valuable Time Management skills into their lives as they continue to progress through our programming. In the end, Time Management Mondays are not just about knocking out a bunch of tasks that need to get done for the week, but rather about learning to balance our time well between work, home, and personal life.