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Daily programming is a part of life here at Hannah's House. Our team at Hannah's House plans our programming and events for our residents with great care. Our programming is designed to cultivate learning, time management, and comradeship in our home through fun, engaging, and informative events, speakers, and activities. Over time our weekly programming layout has shifted to highlight a well-rounded approach to enriching daily life in the Leep Home and our resident's personal goals.

This past year, we switched our weekly programming around and added a few new elements. Fun and Free Fridays arose from this transition to a new weekly layout which we believe is a well-rounded approach to useful information, skills and fun. Every other Friday we offer our residents a Free Friday where, aside from daily responsibilities at the Leep Home, they are free to relax, go-out, or enjoy a night in however they wish. Then, on alternative Fridays we provide a Fun Friday event or activity for the household.

On Fun Fridays, all of our residents take part in a family friendly activity together. We love going out into the community to try new things and explore events happening year round. Some of our past Fun Fridays events included pottery making at The Pigeon and the Hen (South Bend), a trip to the zoo, and of course, fun times at the movie theater. Hannah's House is also the perfect location for our Fun Fridays especially on rainy days or during the colder months. We have spent time with our residents and babies decorating cookies, playing board games, making jewelry, and inspiring ourselves with vision boards.

The purpose behind our Fun Friday excursions arose out of a response for more flexibility and relaxation with the Leep Home weekly reschedule. At Hannah's House, we reflect greatly on the feedback we receive from former and current residents, taking this into account when we make changes within our community. Everything has a purpose and a reason. Fun Friday's not only give our residents safe, fun, and engaging outlets to end busy weeks but also create a sense of community, friendship, and trust. These are aspects which many of our residents are not accustomed to growing up in disadvantaged home's. By creating a newfound sense of trust, friendship and community; we are helping our residents learn to cultivate healthy relationships for themselves and their growing families.

We are always seeking new and fun ideas for our Fun Fridays. Staff, volunteers, donors, and local community resources alike are all sources for Fun Friday activity ideas. Even our residents can share ideas or activities they think would enrich their lives with some extra fun and community building. The possibilities are endless when it comes to Fun Friday events at Hannah's House.

If you would like to be a part of Fun Fridays with Hannah's House, we are always seeking new ideas for our activities.


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