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Hannah's House loves working with our mother's to practice daily activities and play that help the babies develop milestones. Milestones are used to help measure the development and progress of your babies. Each baby might hit different milestones on thier own timeline but there is a general age range for most milestones.

Today, we are going to focus on the milestones that most babies hit around 3-6 months of age. This is such a fun stage for our mother's to watch their babies develop through. They are finally able to interact a little more with their little ones and have some fun with some of the activties. Babies are more active, attentive and interested in activties and start to find an interest in new toys, textures, and sensations. Furthermore, many babies are getting their first teeth during this age range, so its a great time to work with fun textures which engage their tactile sense and can be fun for teething babies to chew on. Milestones can be used to track the progress of babies' cognitive, communicative, language, social and emotional skillsets.

At Hannah's House, we love helping our resident's support their babies in developing fundamental milestones. Here are some of the most prevalent milestones most babies reach during the ages of 3-6 months.

  • "Reads" emotions and responds to them
  • Smiles a lot!
  • Shows enjoyment by laughing and kicking legs
  • Rolls over from front to back
  • Lift heads and chest when on tummy
  • Grabs and plays with feet
  • Brings toys and objects up to their mouth
  • Holds objects for short periods of time
  • Grabs at nearby things when you are holding on to them (glasses, hair, etc)
  • Coos and gurgles with pleasure
  • "Talks" to toys around 6 months
  • Begins babbling and listening for a response ( building blocks of early conversation)
  • And so much more!

At Hannah's House, it brings us so much joy to watch the developing bond between parents and thier babies as they enter this age range. Babies nautrally progress and learn the building blocks of everyday human life and interaction from watching and listening to us. Having conversations with your baby, reading to yur baby, and encouraging playtime all help babies learn these milestones skills at their own pace.

Our staff is dedicated to helping our moms learn new ways to connect with their babies through fun activites, music, books, and tummy time fun. There are so many engaging ways to interact with your baby from 3-6 months old and getting the babies together also helps build those basic social and emotional skills during this age.

Thanks for reading,

Hannah's House