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In 1993, a home on 4th Street was sold to a small non-profit by a generous businessman in the Mishawaka community. And so it began; Hannah’s House was born out of a need to help pregnant women facing profound life challenges go to a safe place to have their baby. The goal was to give them a chance at a better life, a more stable future, a transformed way of living. At Hannah’s House, we strive to provide a culture of hope to empower women to begin a journey where they can flourish into all that God has created for them and for their baby. A journey to joy.A beautiful symbol to celebrate 30 years is the rare gem called, “The Pearl”. The birth of a pearl is truly a miraculous event. A pearl does not start as a beautiful gem, but an oyster that takes an evolution of development to become precious, rare, and ultimately transformed to its intended beauty, “The Pearl”. Periodically, the oysters are lifted fromthe sea for cleaning and health treatments. Seaweed, barnacles and other seaborne organisms that might interfere with their feeding are removed from the oysters’ shells. The shells are also treated with medicinal compounds to discourage parasites. Over time, after many months of growth and care, the oysters are ready for harvest. Those that have survived the many perils of the sea are brought ashore and opened. And then, when everything has gone well, a beauty is revealed—the result is a lovely, lustrous and very valuable cultured pearl.

Another beautiful symbol to celebrate Hannah’s House 30 years is the life of a transformed woman called, “The Mom”. The birth of a baby is truly a miraculous event. A transformed woman does not start as stable and healthy, but as a disadvantaged, sometimes a traumatized person who is looking to become all that God has intended for her life andher baby. A Hannah’s House mom is lifted out of a situation that typically involves trauma, unhealthy behavior, abuse, and many adverse experiences that have led her to our door for help. Once with us, she begins her process of transformation through mind, body, soul, finance, and fun steps that begin to lead to building a plan to help her achieve stability, health, and wellness while caring for herself and her baby. Over time, after many months of growth and care, mom is ready for her next phase in our program. And then, when everything has gone well, a beautiful family is revealed—the result is a strong, brave and very valuable mom who can give her baby the hope of a good future.

Over the past 30 years, Hannah’s House has gone through its own transformation, “The Culture”. As our world changes, so must our focus on how we can best help pregnant women who are dealing with disadvantages and trauma. We focus on strengthening our identity, our purpose, our values. Putting care and effort into culture, operations, staff training, decision making, program offerings, community partnerships, and most importantly how we care for our residents. Change is bravery exemplified. And when our moms enter the doors of Hannah’s House, they have made the decision to change their lives, which will end up being the bravest decision they will ever make.

As we continue to celebrate 30 years, we celebrate you... our neighbors, friends, and supporters. Without you, we could not have helped so many women transform over the years. As an oyster becomes a pearl, our moms become the best version of themselves as they are able to join and give back to a community who loves and cares for them.

Thank you for being part of our Hannah’s House community. Cheers to 30 years!