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As part of our annual Christmas celebrations at Hannah’s House, we organize an internal event called The Christmas Store. This event offers alumni and current residents an opportunity to afford wonderful gifts for their immediate family members. The “store,” located in our business office, is filled with items from generous donations and specific purchases for the event. The event is designed to offer a wide range of items to appeal to ages, genders, interests, and sizes for each woman to find the perfect items for her family.  

Participants sign up for a convenient shopping time and pay a small fee per family member they wish to shop for. In return, they receive a significant dollar amount to spend in our special store.  

After shopping, volunteers wrap the gifts, and each lady enjoys dinner and conversation with other participants. Our requirement for participants to commit to a specific time for shopping and submit a small fee is part of the concept of empowerment at Hannah’s House. The women are held accountable for arriving at their designated time. However, they are also are granted the responsibility, pride, and joy of being able to give wonderful gifts to their families.  

Each year the Christmas Store grows, and it is an increasingly festive and successful evening here at Hannah’s House!