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As the leaves turn from virbant green to an autumnal pallette of yellow, red, orange, and browns; it is a great time to plan some fun playtime activties for moms and babies alike. No matter the age, children benefit from engaging activties which work with all of thier five senses. Fall can bring with it so many fun ideas indoors and outdoors for families to do together. Here are some fun ideas we love at Hannah's House and hope to encourage our mother's to exsplore with their little one's.

Turkey Footprint Art (Babies of All Ages)

A personal favorite, this activity is simple and allows mom's to get their crafty side working while bonding with baby. All you need is some paper of whatever size you desire, your baby's feet, a warm damp cloth, and some baby sensative body-safe paint (can usually be found online). To begin, gently apply paint to the bottom of baby's foot and press it into the paper. Flip paper so that their toes are pointed down. While this dries, use the warm cloth to clean off baby's feet. Once baby is cleaned up and playing next to you, you can grab a paint brush, cotton ball, or craft feathers(optional) and draw the fanned feathers of a turkey on the "body" of the turkey. Then you can draw a face and any other details you want on your artwork and you are done! It's that simple.

Fall Sticker Window Peel ( Around 4 Months and Up)

This is another really simple activity which allows your baby to see the outdoors and play at the same time. Sit your baby infront of a window or hold them supported by a window. Place fall themed window stickers on the glass. They can look outside and see the fall colors as well as play by trying to remove the stickers. Remember to supervise your babies at all times as little babies could choke on stickers if they put them in their mouth. Clean up by throwing all stickers away when done.

Eco-Friendly Leaf Decorations (Toddlers)

This activity is great for kids who are walking around. First, they get to exsplore nature by going outside and collecting leaves of their choice. Try to get leaves that are not too crumbly and will fall apart with pressure. Next, outside or inside, sit down and get some markers or crayons. Let your kids draw pictures to decorate their leaves. They can draw funny faces, color the leaves in, or sribble however they wish. This helps develop motor skills as well as learning about different colors and objects. You can incoproate some language skills into it by speaking the name of colors and encouraging them to mimick these words. Then, you can stick their decorations up around the home for all to enjoy.

A Brisk Fall Nature Walk ( Babies of All Ages)

Finally, there is nothing like a brisk fall nature walk with your babies. Children of all ages can benefit from getting time outside in nature. Nature is the most basic and comprehensive classroom for babies of all ages. So, get out the stroller or the baby carrier and enjoy bonding on a nice Autumn walk. Then, go home, warm up a bottle for baby and some hot cider for yourself and take a nice fall nap.

We hope you like some of these fun ideas for bonding with babies this Fall season! Let us know which one's you give a try.