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Hannah's House is happy to be able to provide healthy, nutrious, balance meals for our residents. In fact, this is part of what we integrate into our programming and philosophy. Each of our residents gets a chance to cook a meal once a week. On their cooking night, they are asked to plan a meal with a protein, two veggies, and a fruit included. This teaches them some basics behind healthy eating which we hope they carry onto their own families.

We are so blessed and lucky to have great community connection and generous donors which make providing this food possible. Our residents are also connected with Indiana WIC where they get some basics provided for for them and their babies. We also have a grocery allotement which we used to fill in the gaps between the women's WIC and shopping at the Food Bank of Northern Indiana. Today, we want to share a little more about our amazing connection with The Food Bank of Northern Indiana.

We have a connection with The Food Bank of Northern Indinaa as a local non-proft agency. We are able to shop there a couple of times a month or more if needed. When we arrive, it's kind of like walking in a thrift store but for food. There are so many options so it helps us to go in looking for items we are in needed of. For example, if we have been low on baking supplies, we make sure to keep an eye out for these items.

We are able to get all of the meat we need for the house through The Food Bank of Northern Indiana as well as many canned and boxed goods. Sometimes they even have fresh produce donated from local farms or farm fresh eggs. We also have the option to purchase large amounts of these things from the Food Bank as needed.

After shopping, we take our cart and check out. Then the fun part of playing Tetris with our van to haul everything home happens. As one of the main Food Bank shoppers, I love working with such a great resrouce in our community. The amount of amazing food we are able to provide our residents due to this community connection is a life changer for our community. We are grateful to all of the amazing people who make shopping at the Food Bank possible and are always welcome to other local organizations and opprotunties.


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