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At Hannah's House we help guide our women to find new ways of bonding with their babies. Bonding is an important aspect of forming healthy and secure attachments between newborns and their mothers. By responding to your babies needs with love, you teach your baby trust, security, and safety. Bonding with your baby is as simple as responding to their needs when they cry for comfort, food, love, or soothing. However, there are many others ways you can connect with your baby especially as they grow older and seek more human interaction. Here are five ways to bond with your baby that we encourage our women to try with their own bundles of joy at Hannah's House.

Tummy Time

One of the best ways to spend time bonding with your baby is tummy time. Tummy time is important for babies to help build strength in their neck, arms, and torso at a young age. Babies can begin tummy time at any point but the sooner the better to begin strengthening those muscles. You can start tummy time with as little as three to five minute sessions when they are a few week's old. The goal is to build up to longer sessions as they grow stronger. It is recommended that babies under the age of one get at least 30 minutes of tummy time.  According to the National Institute of Health, babies need tummy time to improve motor skills, build strength, and prevent flat spots from forming on the back of their heads. Furthermore, tummy time is a great way for parents to spend time playing with their baby, watching them hit new milestones, and form healthy bonds. Stay tuned for some future tummy time tips from our team.


Babywearing is simply carrying a baby on your body using a baby carrier. There are numerous styles, brands, and options when it comes to babywearing. In fact, the practice of babywearing is far from new and in many cultures is a normal part of everyday life. It wasn't until fairly recently in US History that babywearing has become common. Now carriers such as ring slings, stretch wraps, pouch wraps, framed backpacks, woven baby wraps, soft structured carriers, and even babywearing clothing are a popular part of modern parenting. The insurgence in babywearing is great since babywearing offers numerous benefits including helping parents bond with their babies. In fact, evidence shows that babies who are carried or held closely by their parents are better at regulating their emotions. Furthermore, babywearing helps stabilize heart rates, calms, soothes, and comforts babies.

Songs and Storytime

Songs and story time are two great ways to help your babies develop the building blocks of language, communication, and social development skills. Furthermore, they are great ways to connect with your baby, get to know their personality, and have some fun at the same time. Babies are naturally inclined to listen for your voice whether its talking to them, reading them a story, or singing them a lullaby to calm them to sleep. By the time your baby is born they already know your voice. Even infants can benefit from music and storytime. There are many resources in the community such as baby story times at your local library that can also foster a sense of community for families. Finally, music and storytime help babies with cognitive development such as speech patterns, cadence, and basic conversational skills even before they begin to talk.

Go Outside/Explore Nature

Nature is a great way to connect with our little one's of all ages. The great thing about being outside is babies have a lot to experience and learn about while receiving fresh air. The benefits of the great outdoors are well known from calming anxiety to promoting better sleep and boosting your immune system. It is important to learn how to keep your baby warm or cool enough throughout the year when spending time in nature. However, there is no better way to introduce your child to the world then some outdoor time. You can bond with your babies by sitting outside on the patio, going for a walk, or putting them in the baby carrier and showing them all the sights.

Playtime Games

Finally, bonding with your baby during playtime is another great way to connect. Games such as Peekaboo and Patti-Cake are great ways to bond with your baby. Plus, these games often integrate music and dance. These are other engaging ways to entertain and encourage your baby during playtime. Mothers can even make up their own games or activities, especially as their babies grow older and develop interests and clear preferences for toys.

Bonding with your baby can be done in so many ways by active, engaged, and healthy mothers. We support, encourage, and demonstrate how mothers can bond with their babies in our Hannah's House community. It is our hope that our parents learn how to connect and foster strong, secure attachments with their babies.

Best wishes,

Hannah's House