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Milestones: 0-3 Months & How We Encourage Them at Hannah's House
Baby milestones are an important want to help measure the development and progress of your babies. Tracking overall milestone progress is a good way to access the healthy development of babies' cognitive, communicative, language, social and emotional skillsets. Learn more about 0-3 month milestones and how we support them in today's post.
Programming Highlight: Time Management Mondays
At Hannah's House we plan and choose all of our programming with great attention to detail. We want our programming to add value to our resident's lives and teach them necessary skills for independent living. Time Management Monday's teach our resident's about managing their time well and setting their week up for success. Learn more in today's post.
Volunteer Spotlight: Cathy
At Hannah's House, we love working with our team of wonderful and dedicated volunteers. Our volunteers help us run the Leep Home with extra helping hands on daily households tasks, deep cleaning, organizing, pricing things for our resident store, larger projects, and of course, cuddling babies. Learn more about one of our volunteers, Cathy in today's post.
Phases of Our Program: Phase 1 Credits and Requirements Breakdown
At Hannah's House, our programming has multiple phases at gradually help our residents transform their lives. Today we look at how Phase 1 of our programming is set up with credits and requirements.
Programming Highlight: Morning Devotionals
Want to learn more about some of our programming? Today, we focus on our morning devotionals which are lead every morning from 9am to 9:30 with all of the residents gathered together.
Heartnotes Spring 2023 Highlight: Director's Letter
Enjoy this Director's Letter highlight from the Hannah's House Spring 2023 newsletter in case you missed it. This year Hannah's House turns 30! If you are interested in signing up for our newsletter, you can learn more on our website.
The Spirit of Giving : Our Donation Process
Learn more about how we handle donations here at Hannah's House and how you can get involved by donating today.
Stages of Our Program
Learn about the different stages of our program at Hannah's House in today's post. Each stage of our program is set up to gradually help our women begin their unique life transformation based on their life goals.
Staff Spotlight: Annie Becker
Get to know our Transformation Guide, Annie Becker in today's post. Annie has been affiliated with Hannah's House for around two years but her role as Transformation Guide is fresh. Today she shares a little about what brought her to Hannah's House and her role with our Team. Joy in the Journey!
Programming Highlight : Fun Fridays
Learn all about Fun Fridays Programming at Hannah's House.
5 Ways to Bond With Your Baby
At Hannah's House we help guide out women to finds new ways of bonding with their babies. From tummy time to integrating new bonding activities our programming, here are five ways to bond with your baby.
Welcome to The Hannah's House Blog
We are launching a blog and want to send a warm welcome to all our reader's from our team here at Hannah's House. Learn about some of the upcoming content we will be sharing in today's post.